Zenith New Spokesperson-the Man Who Led Spain To The Top Of The World

This summer, Vicente del Bosque led the Spanish national football team to win the South Africa World Cup. Under his leadership, this team wearing the La Roja Red Storm is the best performing team in this year’s World Cup. The media said the team ‘runs as smoothly as a Swiss watch.’
Ironically, Switzerland is the only team to beat Spain throughout the event! Happily, the head coach doesn’t seem to mind the loss. He is now the new image ambassador for the ZENITH brand, the Swiss watchmaker who created the world’s most accurate mechanical chronograph: the famous El Primero.

On July 11, when Andrés Iniesta, nicknamed ‘Particle Accelerator’, brought his country the first World Cup victory in history with a lore, and Spain was boiling. This victory was attributed to one person: the team’s palmer and excellent manager wrote a remarkable record of 31 wins in 33 games and won the admiration of the entire football world. Vicente del Bosque is the second coach in football history to have won both the Champions League and the World Cup. The country respects his own choice, without much fanfare: this is the power of this prudent man, the one worshipped by Spain.

ZENITH Ambassador
Today, Vicente del Bosque and his faithful and effective assistant José Antonio Grande have become two new ZENITH Manufacture image ambassadors. The coach’s love for his job, rigor and precision; he also appreciates the El Primero movement, which is the most accurate traditional mechanical movement in the world today.

Del Bosque chose to wear the El Primero Captain watch, which is the best expression of Zenith tradition: the brand’s expertise, technology, precision and design have been fully reflected in this extraordinary watch. The Captain collection embodies the classic elegance and technical complexity of extreme masculinity. This is a very atmospheric watch, perfect for commanders.

Original source: Zenith